Lefkosia (Nicosia) Nightlife

Whatever you opt for, Cyprus has it. The huge range includes stylish cafes and bars, pubs, jet set beach clubs, chic lounges, music bars and pulsating dance clubs. Relax, chill out or dance the night away, and get ready to have the best time!

Scroll our chosen list supported by detailed descriptions, photos and interactive maps. Read the visitor reviews and do not forget to leave your personal commends after the fun and rate your favourites.  Have fun!

1888 Wine & Cocktail Bar

1888 Wine & Cocktail Bar Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

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1888 is a popular meeting place for friends as it has a relaxing ambience and a great reputation for its cocktails which include a delicious strawberry mojito and fun -tasting Speedy Gonzalez!

The Winery

The Winery Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

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The stylish interior of the Winery Wine Bar & Cellar which is housed in an elegant, high- ceilinged listed building, reveals the owner's great love of wine as well as an eye for design.


Rumor Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

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Situated in a beautiful old stone building lit by lanterns at night, visitors to Rumors soon appreciate the care and attention to detail that has gone in to the design.

Patio Cocktail Bar

Patio Cocktail Bar Lefkosia-Nicosia, Nicosia

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If you are wandering in the Old walled City of Nicosia and you hear some really good music check the street sign because you are probably in Great Alexander Street home to The Patio Cocktail Bar.

Garden Day & Night

Garden Day & Night Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

Garden Day & Night is situated in the heart of Old Nicosia just across from one of the museums and has been fabulously renovated and revamped by its current owners into a stylish meeting place.

Zoo Club

Zoo Club Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

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Feel the beat....at Zoo Club....

Fellos Wine Bar

Fellos Wine Bar Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

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Fellos combines great music and atmosphere with the enjoyment of good wine and as recent comments on Facebook reveal it is 'just amazing' and 'the best place to enjoy your time'.


Eviva Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

Choose to eat either for lunch or dinner at Eviva and enjoy fresh and delicious dishes from their menu.

Ta Vareladika

Ta Vareladika Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

Cosy atmosphere, live music, good food and drinks with affordable prices. Enjoy your evening sitting next to the fire place and have fun.


Pavilion Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

Pavilion Hall is one of the most famous and prestigious venues in the capital of Nicosia, Cyprus. Featuring a 16.000 square meter state-of-art complex contained three different halls.


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