Mboukia & Goulia
  • Mboukia & Goulia

  • Address: 34 Nikolaou Rossou str., Larnaka-Larnaca, 5021
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Mboukia & Goulia - Cyprus

Mpoukia & Goulia means ’bite & sip’ and is a fun new dining experience in Larnaca based on the traditional Greek Mezé.


Down a narrow street, just a short distance from the beautiful church of Ayios Lazarus in the old part of Larnaca stands a traditional looking house that has been converted into an increasingly popular place to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends... the traditional way!

Mpoukia & Goulia means ’bite & sip’ and is a fun new dining experience in Larnaca based on the traditional Greek Mezé. Mezé is short for Mezédhes meaning ‘little dishes’ and in the past, families and friends used to relax and enjoy a small portion of a delicious array of different seasonal dishes accompanied by drinks and good music. Today life can be rather hectic but in the warm and welcoming setting of Mpoukia & Goulia everyone is encouraged to just relax and enjoy great food at a slower pace, taking all evening! There is no need to ask for a menu as everyone enjoys Mezé.

Guests can order a large or small Meze accompanied by a carafe of wine or a variety of other drinks if preferred. The Mezé does vary throughout the year as the various dishes are prepared using the best seasonal produce – much of it grown locally! The Mezé begins with a traditional horitikisalada – a village style salad accompanied by crusty bread and a selection of dips including a particularly tasty spicy cheese dip.

Other dishes include juicy freshly baked olives, bread slices fried in olive oil and sprinkled with fragrant oregano, chicken and pork souvlaki, delicious meat casseroles and vegetables including the house speciality- aubergine (eggplant) that has been chopped and oven baked with tomatoes and Feta, which tastes sensational....

The various dishes will be brought to your table at a speed that suits you and it is lovely just to be able to take a break from the great food and enjoy some lively conversation. The grand finale of the Meze is a cup of Cyprus coffee served with a slice of homemade cake – one that tastes particularly good is the creamy sponge sprinkled with cinnamon.

On Friday and Saturday evenings as well as great food there is live Greek music to enjoy and it is not unusual for chairs to be pushed aside so that everyone can get dancing!

So why not enjoy the taste of traditional Cyprus at Mpoukia & Goulia?

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