Cyprus Tavernas

Piroga restaurant

Piroga restaurant Lefkosia-Nicosia, Nicosia

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Piroga restaurant for great food and even better music!

To steki tis pareas

To steki tis pareas Larnaka-Larnaca, Larnaka

To Steki tis Pareas is a sizeable traditional Cyprus taverna near the popular Phikoudes promenade in Larnaka and is definitely a great place to enjoy traditional Greek food and entertainment...

Yefsis en Lefko

Yefsis en Lefko Larnaka-Larnaca, Larnaka

Bright Mediterranean blues, pristine white columns and white tapestries transform the restaurant into a seaside retreat.

Tsipouraki Mezedaki

Tsipouraki Mezedaki Lefkosia-Nicosia, Nicosia

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With wooden tables spread across the pavement and inside under the wood beamed ceiling, groups of friends come together to relax - Tsipouraki Mezedaki is certainly a popular place to enjoy an evening.

Souvlaki Stou Feshia

Souvlaki Stou Feshia Larnaka-Larnaca, Larnaka

Souvlaki Stou Feshia is a popular restaurant in the heart of Larnaca where great food really counts. Situated just across from the Church of Saint Lazarus.

Tony's Taverna

Tony's Taverna Ayia-Napa, Famagusta

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There is certainly a warm welcome for all visitors to Tony's Tavern and Tony himself is always there to ensure that everyone enjoy his warm hospitality - for which Cyprus is well known.

Stou Rousha

Stou Rousha Larnaka-Larnaca, Larnaka

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Discover at Rousha place the best authentic Cypriot dishes made from experienced chefs. The chefs are spoiling the guests with authentic dishes from the traditional cuisine of Cyprus.

To Filotimo

To Filotimo Larnaka-Larnaca, Cyprus

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Cyprus is known for the warm hospitality of its people and Filotimo is a traditionally styled Cypriot taverna with a traditional warm welcome, great traditionally Cypriot food and music!

Moyses Live - Greek Tavern

Moyses Live - Greek Tavern Larnaka-Larnaca, Cyprus

Kopiaste is the wonderful Greek word meaning ‘come share with us’ and usually refers to a meal, but Moyses Live Greek Tavern invites you to share a great evening – Greek style!


Xronoperpatimata Lefkosia-Nicosia, Cyprus

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Xronoperpatimata is the perfect place to rest awhile, enjoy a meal and simply watch the world go by!


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