Kourion Archaelogical Site
  • Kourion Archaelogical Site

  • Address: 19 Km west of Lemesos, Episkopi village, Lemesos-Limassol, 4620
  • +357 25 934 250

Kourion Archaelogical Site - Cyprus

Try the coin test from the chorus and you will be amazed! Have a friend sit at the very top of the aphitheatre and another one drop a coin at the stage area. The acoustics at the Kourion are so remarkable you will hear the sound of the coin falling!


Kourion Archaeological site is a spectacular archaeological site where excavations still bring new treasures to light. It is a must see for visitors on the island and the remains of the ancient city of Kourion are perhaps the best known and most photographed in Cyprus.

Kourion was an important city kingdom. The site comprises many monuments, many of which date from the Roman period. These include: the Theatre, the forum, the Nymphaeum, the Public Baths, the Fountain House, the House of the Gladiators and the House of Achilles. The Greek Roman theatre is remarkable with unique acoustic qualities and beautiful views and is possibly the most impressive site for the visitor, while the majestic villas discovered there with their exceptional mosaic floors and early Christian basilica are also noteworthy among other riches. The theatre is now fully restored and is used for musical and theatrical performances.

Operating hours:

Daily: 08.00 - 17.00 (November - March)

Daily: 08.00 - 18.00 (April - May, September - October )

Daily: 08.00 - 19.30 (June - August)

Operating period: All year round

Entrance fee: €1.70

Tel: +357 25 991 048 / +357 25 934 250

Almost all the site is wheelchair accessible: small bridges and passageways

(The site´s western part can be accessed via a special entrance that can be opened by the site´s guards)

Special parking space: available (marked)

Special rest rooms: available (marked)

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Address: 19 Km west of Lemesos , Episkopi village , Cyprus, 4620 View Larger Map