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  • Address: Skarinou Old Station, Old Nicosia-Limassol road, Skarinou, 7731
  • +357 96 790 979
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Ktima Georgiadi & Golden Donkeys Farm - Cyprus

Mission to save and share the treasure.. the history and the past in Cyprus with all the visitors coming from all nations!!


A place where memories are made....

Ktima Georgiadi

The village of Skarinou stands on a hillside overlooking the Ayios Theodoros Valley in the Larnaca District. The village is dominated by its church and nestles amongst olive trees. Amidst this lovely rural location (which is surprisingly close to the highway) is Ktima Georgiadi - the increasingly popular venue for a wide range of events.

Ktima Georgiadi has been beautifully created to offer guests and delegates excellent conference and exhibition facilities and wonderful insight into the rural charms of Cyprus - at Ktima Georgiadi business and pleasure mix perfectly! Ktima Georgiadi is the perfect choice for day and evening events including receptions, conferences, seminars and exhibitions and its beautiful Dihoro Restaurant comfortably seats 120 guests making it the perfect choice for both business and social dinners.

Dining in the attractive Dihoro Restaurant or out on its patio, gives guests the chance to enjoy 'the taste of Cyprus' with a variety of traditional dishes including moussaka and a range of meats cooked over charcoal .
With more than 330 days of sunshine and a long balmy summer, the perfect place to be in the evenings is outdoors and a wonderful feature of Ktima Georgiadi is its small amphitheater built in mellow stone with seating for 100 people. The amphitheater is the perfect setting for musical recitals, plays and Cypriot folk dancing - all to be enjoyed under a canopy of stars...

The intrinsic character of rural Cyprus can be discovered in its museum which has on display a wine mill, olive press, traditional bread oven, Zivania still and downstairs in the cellar some pitharia - the huge and distinctive red clay jars that were used to store wine. In the small bottling factory, visitors can learn about olive oil production and in the olive shop there is organic olive oil for sale as well as a selection of skin products and lovely soaps made with olive oil. The shop also stocks teratsememlo (carob syrup which is the healthy substitute for chocolate sauce), delicious local honey and palouze which is thickened grape juice. Many Cypriots still use Mother Nature's cures for various health problems including donkey milk which is known to ease asthma and fresh donkey milk is available most days as well as a special range of cosmetics made using donkey milk (which is very nutritious for skin) are on sale in the shop.

Golden Donkeys Farm

Golden donkeys farm is located in skarinou village 7minutes driving from Ktima Georgiadi, where it accommodates approximately 200 donkeys. The farm was build based on the love and care for sustaining the Cyprus tradition. The main reason for establishing the farm , was to protect these beautiful animals that are bound to extinct. Once you enter the farm, you come across with a very old olive tree, perhaps the oldest in Cyprus. A beautiful botanical garden surrounds the farm. The perfume of the garden's herbs accompanies the visitor in every step he takes. Basil, lavender, oregano, creates a magnificent atmosphere with their distinct smell and colors. Discover and explore  the well, the olive mill, the traditional cottage house the donkey museum and the wax museum which is a tribute to traditional cypriot professions and their history, presented through wax figures. You can complete your visit by enjoying a lovely, traditional cyprus coffee at the cafeteria. Moreover, in the souvenir shop you can indulge yourself with traditional products and cosmetics made from donkey milk.

The venue is also available for various occasions , weddings in Panayia Memillon Church as well as school field trips.

Donkey Riding

One of the most exciting experiences in Cyprus is the donkey riding.

In the farm there are more than a 100 donkeys who are waiting to take you on a ride. At your arrival, the farmers will demonstrate the right way to approach the donkeys and how to hold the reins. Please make sure that you wear comfortable clothes as well as flat shoes.

For your own safety it is  recommended not to scream or shout  .

The donkeys love carobs which you can buy from the farm, feet them and immediately they will be your friends.

Each one has his name, personality and behavior.


Riding is allowed for people up to 100kg.

All year round

Time: November-March  10:00-17:00,

         April-October 10:00-18:00

Donkey milk

Donkey milk has the enzyme 'lisozimi' which is famous for its antibacterial effect. The milk is very nutritional and is considered to have positive ef- fect in fighting certain diseases, such as tubercu- losis, acme, other skin problems, asthma and other breathing conditions. In addition, milk is used for the production of cosmetics due to its antiageing effect.

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