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If you decide to have your wedding outside; on a Hotel's garden terrace, under the shade of a marquee overlooking the sea, the medieval castle or on a yacht, then choose a time just before nightfall. The Pafos sunset is truely magical creating the perfect romantic setting for amazing photos.



Cyprus has long been known as the Island of Love as Aphrodite as the goddess of beauty and love, is said to have emerged from the waves at Petra tou Romiou. Pafos is the ideal place for a special and memorable wedding day.

With the sun in the sky at anytime during the year, you are guaranteed a perfect wedding day and honeymoon.

Located in the western coast of the island, the town of Pafos is one of the most popular wedding and holiday venues of the Cyprus.

Pafos is the ideal choice for those who seek to spend the most precious days of their life in a town of history and culture, a place of unique beauty, a cosmopolitan resort with hospitable locality. With more than 7,000 of history, culture, luxurious resorts, spa, activities, delicious food, fine wine, nature walks, golf, sea and sun, pure relaxation or great fun Pafos offers it all.

Whether you are committing for a lifetime, or reaffirming your love, Pafos provides the perfect backdrop with some of the most beautiful and romantic locations of the world.

PAFOS TOWN HALL, is located in the heart of the town is the most popular choice to celebrate your wedding. Built in a classical style the Pafos Town Hall is an attractive option for a civil wedding ceremony.

Both the elegantly decorated marriage room and the columns of the exterior provide a stylish setting for an unforgettable wedding occasion.


Pafos Medieval Castle located next to the harbour in Kato Pafos was originally a byzantine fort built to protect the harbour. It was built by the Lusignans in the 13th century, dismantled by the Venetians in 1570 and rebuilt by the Ottomans after they captured the island in the 16th century. During its long history the castle was also used as prison cells and as storage for salt when the island was a British Colony. It was declared an ancient monument in 1935. Many cultural events take place in front of the castle and during the Aphrodite festival in September the castle is venue for thrilling operas with artists of worldwide fame. The magical atmosphere of the medieval castle, the picturesque harbour opposite the castle and the beauty of the blue sea make the castle a perfect setting.

OTHER CEREMONY LOCATIONS for all kinds of tastes!!!

The Municipality of Pafos offers a variety of other ceremony venues to suit the interests and styles of various couples.

Hotel Weddings

Civil weddings can be performed in a select number of top-ranged hotels within Pafos town in specially decorated wedding rooms, luschious gardens or under the shade of elegant pagoda overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Such hotels are The Elysium, Avanti Hotel, Kefalos Beach,Capital Coast Resort & Spa, Amathus Beach Hotel.

Yacht Weddings:

Civil Weddings can also be conducted on-board on a yacht at the Pafos Harbour, followed by a romantic cruise along the coastline.

Museum Weddings:

In an outdoor area of the museum the couple can have a stylish wedding in a traditional and historic environment. The Ethnographic Museum of Pafos, located minutes away from the Town Hall and the historic center of the town.

Those who are interested must apply personally to the Civil Marriages Office of Pafos Municipality, which is housed in the Town Hall, to be informed about the necessary documents that must be submitted and carry out the formalities required by the Law.

Necessary documents - certificates

• For foreigners, it is required a recent civil status by a state agency (eg. City Hall, the Ministry of Interior, Embassy etc). In the case of Greeks, it is required a marriage license from City Hall in the place of origin.

• Passport or identity card (original)

• Birth certificates

• Affidavits/ Single Status Statutory Declarations/ Certificates of No Impediment (Scotland and Wales) stamped and signed by a registered solicitor confirming that you are single and free to marry. The above mentioned document should be valid for 6 months.

• Certification from the Registry Office - Ministry of the Interior (where applicable)

• Original Decree Absolute (if applicable)

• Deed proof of name change (if applicable)

• Death Certificate of a spouse (where applicable)

• Proof of parental consent, if one of the two or both are minors (where applicable)

All the above certificates must be original, recent and officially translated in English (for foreigners).

The procedure:

• Those interested can book a wedding date by phone, fax or email. The physical presence is not required at this stage.

• The marriage application must be submitted by the interested parts personally at least a day before the wedding with all the necessary documents and certificates. Applications are received at the Civil Marriages' Office of the Municipality from Monday - Friday 8.30 -10.30 a.m.

• If the parties submit all necessary documents for the marriage they can proceed either with the Notice of Marriage, where the marriage occurs after the expiration of 15 days from the date of their application, but not more than 3 months , or with the speed up process. The marriage with speeding can take place on the next day of submission of the application by the interested parts or in less than fifteen days, provided that the Marriage Officer considers that there are significant reasons to speed up the process.

• Payment for the marriage is made in cash and is as follows:

By speeding - € 281,92

With normal procedure - € 128,15

Exact copy of the Marriage Certificate - € 13,67

• The marriage takes place on the date specified in the presence of two witnesses over the age of 18 years. The presentation of passport or identity card is essential.

• The Marriage Certificate is given immediately. Exact copies of the certificate are given at the request of the interested parts.

• A certified copy of Marriage Certificate is sent to the Embassy or Consulate that the country of the couple's residence maintains in Cyprus.

The staff of the Civil Marriages Office is always happy to assist prospective couples and make their wedding day an unforgettable experience.

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